why on earth would i do this?

the simple reason is because i want to … it’s always annoyed me slightly that i couldn’t monitor the robomow over the internet, i have previously modified the base station (by inserting a current sensor in the charging circuit) to tell my MQTT server of the docking status but that’s not really enough. i have been tempted to “piggy back” on the sensors in the robomow to report these wirelessly but it just wasn’t that important to me.

(un)luckily my robomow has started to play up recently, it seems to report the error “stuck in place” when in the middle of a perfectly flat lawn, i’ve diagnosed this down to either the odometer boards or the front wheel position sensor … and then i saw the price of the replacement parts (£54 for the odometer boards, which i’m pretty sure are just cheap hall effect sensors) so i thought why not bite the bullet and fully redo the main controller unit with some of my own sensors

i fully expect to spell brain as brian throughout this blog and whenever i write “…” it’s generally because i’m thinking how to write the next bit …