layout/spares document

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find service documents on the internet (that aren’t just links to torjans/viruses) so I thought I’d upload the layout/spares document I have lying around to this site …

Service Codes (copied from incase there sites goes down)

all change all change!!!

So as it turns out I didn’t really have enough space on the “connector board” to place all of the connectors on comfortably, therefore I’ve changed the design to have each board pretty much completely independent, the only connections between the boards being power and I2C.

The main board with the Pi just contains a single power input and 5 combined outputs each with +5v, GND, SDA and SCL

The cutting motors board just contains connectors for the H-Bridge driver, 3 thermistors and the power/I2C block
The wire sensor controller interfaces with the 4 sensors
The drive motor controller has 2 5 pin outputs for the 2 H-Bride drivers and 2 2 pin connectors for the thermistors