cutting motor investigation

With the top of the RL2000 off I put it into “service mode”, one of the service mode options is to test the cutting motors. The test puts all three motors on full speed for about 10 seconds (IIRC).
With the test running I placed a multi meter across the terminals and found that the full 25v was being applied to each of the motors, the surprising thing was the current usage. Considering they were under no load (there is no grass to cut in my garage) the 3 of them pulled a total of 3-4A,
Considering when mowing normally the total load is only 4-5A this represents a significant portion of the batter usage. The RL2000 does have a mode where the cutting motors are slowed down, with this in mind I’ve decided to use a motor controller to reduce the speed of the motors to increase mowing time.

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